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The gift of unexpected support
Laurie Teague headshot
In 2020, the College was thrilled to find out that retired sports writer, Lawrence or Laurie (to his friends) Teague, had left a generous gift in his Will after sadly passing away in December 2019. 

Laurie was a gregarious and sociable man who loved being with other people and finding out as much as he could about them. His long-time friend and former colleague, Richard Prime, explains that Laurie lived just behind the main RNC campus all his life and would regularly see the students going about their daily activities. 

‘Laurie also knew RNC’s former head of sport and recreation, Tony Larkin, and attended Sports Council awards evenings at the College,’ explains Richard. ‘No doubt he attended competitions like the World Blind Football Championships and would have been impressed... football was always his big passion.’
Born in 1935, Laurie went to Hereford High School for Boys then worked at Bulmers and joined the Hereford Times sports desk in 1968, earning just £16 a week.

Laurie stepped back from his Hereford Times role in the 1980s to look after his mum but further developed his writing career including writing radio scripts for the Grumbleweeds and jokes for The Two Ronnies.

Laurie was a stalwart supporter of Hereford United which then became Hereford Football Club as well as The Courtyard Centre For The Arts and, as demonstrated by his wonderful legacy to us, the RNC, right on his doorstep.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Laurie.
We’d like to thank and acknowledge the many RNC legators who have given gifts over the years, including all of the following since 2000:
Martin Adams
Gwladwyn Ashby  
Joan Ashmore
BA Ashton
William Dennis Astbury
Elizabeth Alice Auty
John Awer
Margaret Joyce Badcock
Judith Baron
Norman Beacroft
Lady HAE Bell
Maurice Bengry
Ivy Beresford-Cooke
Ellen Bowers
Edward Broadley
Kathleen May Brown
Dorothy Pearl Bull
Lily Rosamund Burnett
Greta Busbridge
Percy Donald Broomhall
Joyce Marion Carr
Douglas Clifford
Prof Bertram Cohen
Joy Ross Collins
Edith Court
Leslie William Cuss
Sarah Elizabeth Davies
RF Davy
Patricia Rosa Dickens
Albert Edmund Henry Dolby
Elizabeth Downes
Brenda Mary Dunlop
DJ Earley
Millicent Finch
Peter Henry Fuller
Kenneth Frederick Gelsthorpe
Joan Gibbons
Joyce Lilian Graham
Dorothy Gray
June Kathleen Greenslade
Freda Haine
Leslie William Haine
Gladys Hamilton
Molly Sylvia Hardwick
David William Haward
Mary Jean Hayne
DR RB Head
E Hepton
Aileen Edna Herridge
AC Hicks
Edith May Hill
Enid May Hill
Susan Elizabeth Hill
Raymond Alan Hingley
John Charles Howells-Brown
Edith Louise Elizabeth Hudgell
Alan Edward Hughes
Cynthia Sheila Maureen Hunt
Georgina Phyllis Hyde
Arthur Jackson
Diana Margaret John
Mary Joan Johnston
Barbara Doreen Jones
George William Henry Lamb
Ellen Lawrence
Jean Leach
Lilian Leach
Winifred Mary Lewis
Evelyn Mary Longman
Iris Augusta McNicol
Keith Martin
Herbert William May
Thomas Stanley Matthews
Brenda Moore
Zarin Mulji
Elizabeth Murray
Sybil Maude Naylor
Joan Edwina O’Brien
Dorothy May Ox
Roger Harold Pain
Norman Painting
Marlene Peters
Valerie Lillian Powis
Philip Powles
Margaret Elizabeth Ramsey
Dr Pamela Reilly
Amy Frances Matilda Richardson
Brian Robinson
Joyce Robinson
James Rose
Edith Olive Smith
Edith Solomon
Joyce Talbot
Laurie Teague
Reginald Thomas Thirlway
Mabel Thomas
Mair Thomas
Charles Kenneth Trebilcock
Clive Upton
AE Ward
Joan Lavina Warren
Harry Williams
Gwendoline Mary Wilson
Alexander John Wilton
Edith Ada Winkles
Gertrude Annie York

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